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Specialist aspiro

Underground carparks, transportation (mass transit, coaches, vessels), garbage dumps, processing plants and other confined infrastructures (e.g. oil rigs) are ventilated to remove the harmful pollution from vehicle emission, waste decomposition, and biological contamination, reliably providing the highest quality of indoor air climate, regardless of the extreme environmental conditions.  

ASPIRO™ IAQC System offers advance and complete solutions that are constantly evolving to cope with the increasing demands of delicate environments. ASPIRO™ IAQC System brings the following significant benefits:

  • supply air duct can be made short and straight which reduces investment and less power needed for the fans.
  • space optimisation.
  • system can be installed at a late stage.
  • reduced amount of wide/large ducts also means savings in space and cost.
  • can be used for re-circulation during inactive periods to further save energy.
  • tailored solutions.
  • reduced running costs.