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Food Service & Hospitallity Industrie

Food processing aspiro

Although the first emphasis on air quality in the food service and hospitality industries was based on controlIing tobacco smoke, more and more operators are looking at air quality as a means of differentiating themselves from their competition.

In food service and hospitality, the control of tobacco smoke and other airborne pollutants to make the environment more enjoyable for the customers is a worthwhile investment. ASPIRO™ IAQC System removes dangerous airborne particles including odors, VOCs, smoke, bacteria, allergens and mold without producing any harmful ozone.

ASPIRO™ IAQC System works in conjunction with the existing HVAC systems to clean the contaminated indoor air before it recirculate to the environment, reducing energy costs by not having to exhaust conditioned air to the outside. ASPIRO™ has the flexibility to adapt to customer related requirements.